About Porshe von Haus Wisenbaker

Porshe is DM clear - both normal/normal result, at very young 2.5 yo Porshe obtained the highest level IPO3 title, KKL
She was shown in Germany and took top 3rd V (excellent) place in class of 14!
Her father is famous Willas Grafenbrunn - multiple champion in Germany, World GrandChampion VA BSZS 2015 and 2016, his sister littermate (Porshe's Aunt) Walerry is VA BSZS - World GrandChampion 2014 and 2015
He has amazing mahogany red color and huge masculine head - best combination of lines: the father - #3 male in the world legendary producer Tyson, grandfather - World GrandChampion Quenn and his mother - daughter of World GrandChampion Zamp
Her mother is our Xylena, SCH3 KKL V, please see her info on our females page


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Information about Porshe von Haus Wisenbaker

  • Show rating: Vorzuglich
  • Description: Excellent show and performance rating
  • Title: SchH3 (IPO3)
  • Description: Highest level of Schutzhund title. Dog passed all three phases: scent tracking, obedience and protection for SchH3 level