About Gizelle von Haus Wisenbaker

Gizelle is our rare beauty, she obtained her IPO2 title, breed survey KKL and is in training for next level IPO3 title in near future
Top V show rated in Germany
She has big bones, deepest richest mahogany red imaginable, DNA registered
DM clear - both normal/normal result, hips/elbows certified excellent
Certified medical alert service dog
Her father is famous Enosch Amasis - World GrandChampion VA BSZS, winner of best protection work award 3 years in a row with highest score 5-5 at the World Sieger show, son of #1 ranked male in the World - World GrandChampion VA1 BSZS Ober, producer of #1 ranked male in the World SG1 BSZS World GrandChampion son Kronos, multiple GrandChampion in Germany
Big bone, deepest mahogany red
DNA registered
Her mother is our IPO3 KKL V LSZS Athina Haus Wisenbaker, daughter of World champion VA BSZS Kwantum, please see her info on out females page


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Information about Gizelle von Haus Wisenbaker

  • Title: SchH2 (IPO2)
  • Description: Second level of Schutzhund title. Dog passed all three phases: scent tracking, obedience and protection for SchH2 level
  • Show rating: Vorzuglich
  • Description: Excellent show and performance rating
  • Breed survey: Koerklasse I
  • Description: Especially recommended for breeding