About Chance vom Kleinen Zauberberg

DNA registered
DM clear - both normal/normal result
Twice champion in Germany, daughter of World champion Quattro v.d. Partnachlamm; very big bone, top V show rated in Germany, IPO1, both hips/elbows excellent, KKL1
certified medical alert service dog
she lives like all our dogs in house with family, other dogs


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Information about Chance vom Kleinen Zauberberg

  • Title: SchH1 (IPO1)
  • Description: First level of Schutzhund title. Dog passed all three phases: scent tracking, obedience and protection for SchH1 level
  • Breed survey: Koerklasse I
  • Description: Especially recommended for breeding
  • Show rating: Vorzuglich
  • Description: Excellent show and performance rating