About Gretchen Eva vom Stuber Haus

Top V rated in several regional Whole Europe Sieger LG shows in Germany, all World GrandChampions pedigree! At her latest and last of her show career show - whole Europe regional Sieger - Landesgruppen-Zuchtschau LG 18/ 2013 LGZS D-Rochlitz e.V. Sachsen 14.07.2013

We are so proud to announce her stunning success: she finished in front of such high placed dogs at previous year World Sieger show BSZS as V16 BSZS Hisoka Agrigento, SG79 Zafira Fichtenschlag and few others with high V BSZS places

Gretchen Eva is a certified medical alert dog and lives inside the home with our family and other dogs

DM clear - both normal/normal result. DNA registered.

Gretchen Eva is a super producer, her puppies have very nice structure and movement, dark face mask, deepest richest mahogany red/black color, very good drive

Super breeding between VA Ronaldo vom Zellergrund, male with the highest level of pedigree in whole Sieger history and super producing foundation female Victoria von Fuerstenberg

Gretchen Eva is granddaughter of twice World GrandChampion VA1 BSZS Larus and also on her mother side she comes from World GrandChampions VA1 BSZS Jeck Noricum and VA1 BSZS Visum Arminius lines


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Information about Gretchen Eva vom Stuber Haus

  • Show rating: Vorzuglich
  • Description: Excellent show and performance rating
  • Breed survey: Koerklasse I
  • Description: Especially recommended for breeding