About Helene von der Berghofer-Heide

Helene von der Berghofer-Heide obtained working title IGP1, KKL, hip elbow HD fast normal / ED normal. She is daughter of both, and mother and father, being World GrandChampions VA BSZS Nero and VA BSZS Whitney. All generations pedigree of VA BSZS GrandChampions of the World: Paco, Remo, Omen, Furbo, Gary, Vegas, Dux...... many more....


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Information about Helene von der Berghofer-Heide

  • Title: SchH1 (IPO1)
  • Description: First level of Schutzhund title. Dog passed all three phases: scent tracking, obedience and protection for SchH1 level
  • Show rating: Vorzuglich
  • Description: Excellent show and performance rating
  • Breed survey: Koerklasse I
  • Description: Especially recommended for breeding