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About Female Diva: Highest level working titles both parents: Champion SG1 IPO3 KKL Fasap / IPO3 KKL V Beata, all generations of World GrandChampions VA BSZS pedigree, DM free OFA certified breeding certified hips, big bones

Female Diva. She has very large bones, large female overall. CRATE TRAINED. Very intelligent and effectionate, playful and funny. Very clean dog, sleeps overnight 10 hrs stays clean.

Pick up in Virginia. Delivery is available for an additional charge starting at $1,500 depending on distance.

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  • Fasap Danaos

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    Koerklasse I IGP3 HD A1 normal ED 0 normal DM OFA normal (N/N)

    Available for stud services via fresh semen AI in Virginia, at Board Certified K9 Reproduction Specialist Veterinarian office. Shipping of chilled semen overnight / frozen semen is available. Professional computerised semen evaluation reports are done on regular basis and are available to all stu...

  • Beata von Haus Wisenbaker

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    DM OFA normal (N/N) HD A1 normal ED 0 normal Vorzuglich Koerklasse I IGP3

    Beata is our new rising star!

    She obtained her highest level of working title IPO3, same as her mother/father, grandmothers/grandfathers, aunts/uncles - all IPO3 pedigree. She is top V show rated in Germany, KKL especially recommended for breeding.

    She has big bones, and mahogany red/black ...