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About SOLD 10mo old Female Hannah Celebrity level bred in Germany fathered by World GrandChampion VA BSZS Sastor Huhnegrab, certified hips/elbows, IPO KKL

SOLD Celebrity level breeding done in Germany.
Leash trained. Knows sit, down, come.
All true German quality, high standard level breeding meaning all dogs in over 50 generations pedigree have working titles IPO/SCH, legal breed survey KKL as especially recommended for breeding which includes hips/elbows certifications good/excellent and endurance test, top show rated including on world level.
The father is World GrandChampion VA BSZS Sastor Huhnegrab - Koerklasse IPO3 ED 0 normal HD A1 normal
The mother is IPO1 KKL ED normal, HD fast normal

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