Why you should buy your purebred German Shepherd from us!

We breed our German Shepherds with the highest ranked, most demanded studs in the world. Our German Shepherd puppies are the top of the line, litterally the best money can buy. They have parents with working titles, top show ratings, breed survey and hips/elbows certifications. All are 100% German and have the highlest level of pedigree obtainable! Additionally our German Shepherds are registered with SV, USCA, AKC. We do more than everyone else to make sure our German Shepherds are the best. We title our German Shepherds in Sch, do breed surveys, and show them extensively in Germany.

We are so adament in providing World Class German Shepherds that we also import young German Shepherd puppies from Germany with pink SV papers from only the top German Shepherd bloodlines. These bloodlines include those of World Champion Parents!

We are like no other breeder, we have a completely different concept of breeding

You will not find such exceptional German Shepherd Puppies anywhere else!

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Family hobby breeding

German Shepherds have been members of our family for decades. We care about ours as if they are our own children! They are all home raised with great temperment and are socialized with other animals and people from day one.

Unlike breeding kennels, we don't breed our German Shepherds by the numbers, rather we breed them for the best quality possible so that they all live long healthy lives.

We love our German Shepherds! Here's why you should love them too!


Highest breed requirements

Our dogs are imported or bred in Germany to the highest breed standard requirements. They all have the best top rated VA champions bloodlines that German World Sieger show can offer!


We are not a puppy mill

We raise our puppies as if they are our own children. We love to show them love and affection. We don't commercialize puppy production as many other breeders do. They live in house, not an outside kennel!


Lots of exercise

Our dogs get regular exercise both in and out of the house. They are never confined to a small space.


Clean spacious home

Our German Shepherd puppies are raised in a very clean and spacious nursery with other puppies of all different ages!


Our dogs eat healthy

Our dogs are on a special organic and all natural diet. This consists of only human quality ingredients such as: meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, and berries.



Our dogs are true security and protection dogs and are training on regular basis. Several dogs are certified medical service dogs.


Unrivaled medical care

Our dogs get the best vet care and the best preventive medicines against internal and external parasites


Happy and Healthy

Our German Shepherds are happy, healthy, vaccinated, dewormed, vet checked, registered with SV and/or AKC and are eligible for registration with USCA/SV!

Living Accommodations

We do not have an outside kennel or anything of the sort. Our german shepherd puppies, german shepherd dogs, and yorkies all live together in our house with the family to ensure exceptional temperament.


Our puppy's health is of highest importance. We are the only breeder in the USA to feed our puppies organic meats, whole grains, nutritious vegetables, fruits and berries in every meal. All ingredients are 'human grade' and are purchased from our local grocery store. More than two hours each day is spent preparing and cooking these meals from scratch to ensure our puppies get only the most nutritious food. This includes grinding the meat, chopping the vegetables, cooking the grains, etc. We are committed to ensuring the exceptional health of our puppies.


Our dogs interact great around adults, children, and other smaller animals.


We train and prepare our dogs for trials to obtain schutzhund titles, breed surveys, and do show ring training on regular basis in SV Oppenheim club located in beautiful suburb of Frankfurt, Germany.

Our first trainer in Schutzhund work (scent tracking, personal protection, advanced off leash obedience), is managing two SV Schutzhund clubs in Germany. He is also our handler of protection performance part at National and World Sieger shows, has over 40 years of experience as a trainer and breeder. He came to show lines from working line dogs and set a goal to breed show lines that are capable of personal protection work level performance no less than top working line dogs.

He trains, titles, does korung and handles dogs in scent tracking, personal protection, off leash advanced obedience work parts for several SV judges. He has worked with many top placed dogs he trained. This is a list of a few:

  • Cody Angelbaum SG7 BSZS, VA1 Mexico, SCHH3, KKL1
  • Xenia Angelbaum V40 BSZS, SCHH3, IP3, KKL1
  • Vera Angelbaum V4 USA, SCHH3, KKL1
  • Tamara Huhnegrab SG23 BSZS, SCHH3, IP3, KKL1
  • Matz Huhnegrab SG19 BSZS SCHH2, KKL1
  • Veneze Chaos VA2 British Vice Sieger, SCHH2, KKL1

Our Second trainer works as a helper in 4 clubs in Germany; he has over 30 years of experience in Schutzhund, training, titling dogs and as a helper. He also did helper work with many top BSZS - Federal World Sieger Show placed dogs.

Our Third trainer has over 30 years of experience as trainer, helper and show handler. Here's a list of a few of the very famous dogs which he contributed tremendously towards the entire GSD breeding program history, he prepared for protection work:

  • Zamb Wienerau, World Sieger VA1 BSZS, SCHH3, KKL1
  • Tyson Kottersbusch SG3 BSZS, V1, SCHH3, KKL1
  • Odin Hirschel VA4 BSZS, VA1 Belgium, SCHH3, KKL1

What else?

Our German Shepherd puppies are microchipped with an advanced pet identification and retrieval system called HomeAgain.

HomeAgain consists of a microchip with a unique identification code that is implanted between the shoulder blades of the pet. The pet is then enrolled with the HomeAgain Pet Recovery Service. HomeAgain maintains a national database and is available 24-hours daily, 365 days a year. When a lost pet is found, it can be scanned at an animal shelter or the clinic of a participating veterinarian. The animal’s identification number is called into HomeAgain, and the pet owner is notified immediately.

Our German Shepherd puppies are happy, healthy, inoculated, dewormed, vet checked, registered with SV and/or AKC, eligible for registration with USA/SV, microchipped, socialized properly and come with hips guaranteed when buyers follow our puppy care instructions.

Our kennel offers lifetime advice support to puppy buyers.

Very promising show/schutzhund/breeding/protection puppies will go fast, please reserve early.

Our World Class German Shepherd puppies have the highest level of pedigree possible, parents have working titles, breed survey, hips/elbows certifications for many generations down and top show ratings, they are raised in house with family, surrounded by love, not in kennels.

Hans Falcon Von Blauen Bergen

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Rainbow bridge, a dedication to our bodyguard and our friend, Hans Falcon Von Blauen Bergen